Helpful Links

I hope you find the following information useful;

Mothers35Plus : Support, information and community for mothers over 35

Mothersover40 : Support, information and community for mothers over 40

Mothering in the Middle : Celebrating midlife mothers, ‘women choosing motherhood over 40 through adoption, in vitro, natural childbirth, surrogacy, fostering, guardianship and blending stepfamilies.’

Pregnancy Over 44 : Support and stories from women who have been there and done it!

Older Mum (In a Muddle) : Blog about the experiences of a 40 something mother

Mumsnet : Essential information, support and networking

Foresight : Preconception care programme for natural conception

Fertility Problems : The Infertility Network offering support and information to those affected by fertility problems

ARC : Antenatal results and choices

Gentle Birthing : UK hypnobirthing website

Doula : Find a birth and/or post natal doula to support you through birth and the weeks after your baby has arrived. Doula UK also offer a hardship fund for those on low incomes and gift vouchers so friends and relatives can help pay towards the costs.

NCT : National Childbirth Trust

Babies Know : Empathic and respectful parenting

Kelly Mom : Great information on breastfeeding and parenting

Only Mums : Support and advice for single mums

Claudia Spahr : Author of popular guide to later motherhood, Right Time Baby.

William & Martha Sears : Dr William Sears and his wife Martha have brought up 8 children and authored numerous books on babies, parenting and breastfeeding.  Attachment style in their approach to parenting.  Their books are included in the resource.

Elizabeth Pantley : Elizabeth raised 4 children and based on her experiences and research has written a number of great books on baby sleep issues and gentle baby solutions.  Her books are included in the resource.

Baby Sleep Site : Open and well informed in approach to baby sleep issues.  Whether you co-sleep, sleep separately and decide to help your baby sleep through (sleep train) this site offers solutions to all parenting styles.

Andrea Grace :  Sleep specialist featured in Mother and Baby magazine.

Baby Led Weaning : Website based upon research and book by Gill Rapley

Net Doctor : Family Health

La Leche League : Breast feeding support

Ante Natal Depression : ‘Positively Pregnant’ – Very informative and supportive and the only dedicated site to this issue I have come across on my web travels

The Association for Post-Natal Illness : Very informative and supportive covering all aspects of post-natal illness

Post Natal Depression : Very informative and supportive site covering all aspects of post-natal illness

Birth Crisis :  Help, information and support for birth trauma

Birth Trauma Association : Help, information and support for birth trauma

Birth Trauma Counselling : Help, information and support for birth trauma.  Offer low cost telephone counselling support – very handy if you can’t make face to face counselling sessions due to childcare issues.

C-Section Recovery : Helpful resource and information in recovering from a c- section

The Miscarriage Association : Miscarriage information and support

Sands : Stillbirth and neonatal death information and support

Bliss : Premature, sick and small babies information and support

SIDS : Sudden infant death (SIDS) and other infant death (OID) information and support

Downs Syndrome : Help for people with Downs Syndrome

Relate : Relationship counselling

Womens Aid : Domestic violence.  Telephone support.

Domestic Violence UK : Domestic violence.  Information, advice & support.

Refuge : Domestic violence.  Telephone support & emergency accommodation for women and children.

MIND : Association for better mental health

Counselling Directory : Directory of professionally accredited counsellors and psychotherapists

EMDR : EMDR Association – UK & Ireland.  EMDR is a very effective therapy for the treatment of post traumatic stress – you might experience PTSD after a traumatic birth.

Hypnotherapy Directory : Directory of professionally accredited hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapy can help effectively manage pain during childbirth.

The Therapy Directory : A variety of holistic therapies from qualified practitioners.