Pregnancy Mood

Emotions in pregnancy……

First Trimester (weeks 1-13). This can be a time of great joy, doubt, confusion and anxiety as you come to terms with pregnancy and becoming a mum. Ambivalent feelings and mood swings in pregnancy are normal. You might feel low which can be compounded by hormonal changes, fatigue and nausea. Usually these feelings will pass when the other pregnancy symptoms disappear. Some women do experience antenatal depression.

Second Trimester (weeks 14-27). You might still feel ambivalent and unsure. This is absolutely fine. Talking to a counsellor or trusted friend could help emotionally support you through pregnancy. On the other hand, you may feel positive and accepting about motherhood, especially if this is your second or third child. The birth might now be at the forefront of your mind and it’s normal to experience intense dreams. This is your unconscious mind processing any fears that arise around birth. After the hormonal surge from the first trimester has settled, you may also feel more calm, peaceful and experience greater energy levels.

Third Trimester (weeks 28-40). This period is often marked by an instinctual urge to turn inwards and become more introspective. This can be a challenge if you have other children to care for. You might experience a sense of calm starting in the second trimester and deepening in the third. Additionally, you may also feel teary and hormonal. Breath work, meditation and yoga can all aid in the connection to yourself and baby. You might also experience intense dreams and feelings, and the infamous ‘baby brained’ scattiness. It’s also totally normal to feel bored and fed up as you await the arrival of your baby.