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Older Mum was established in 2011 by an older mother, who had her first child at 39, as a supportive resource for women over 35 who are thinking about having a baby, pregnant mums to be, and those with young children.

Older Mum takes a hopeful and light-hearted look at the age related issues (physical, mental and emotional) around pregnancy and birth.

Older Mum welcomes guest posts that are relevant and related to the subject matter of this site be it health and well being, pregnancy and birth, and the experience of being an older mother. You will find many contributions in the blog and your stories . If you would like to submit an article please contact me.

Older Mum is also open to reviewing products and services if they are aimed at mothers, families and are environmentally friendly. Additionally, Older Mum has an Amazon shop packed with books and products related to motherhood; a great selection of titles on older mums. If you decide to make a purchase your purchasing rights will not be affected in anyway.

Older Mum also has a personal blog, Older Mum (In a Muddle), about the honest and heartfelt experiences of a 40 something mother.

Please feel free to contact Older Mum if you need help or guidance around any of the issues you read on this site.