It’s Never Too Late…


Pregnant Bump

Starting a family is a wonderful thing. However, it is something that sometimes can’t be planned – for many women and their partners, starting a family might not happen until they are much older…

Whether you find love when you’re older like residents Angela and Keith from one of McCarthy & Stone’s properties who proved it’s never too late to fall in love again or you quite simply don’t feel ready until a certain age, there are a number of reasons why starting a family later in life can be a good thing.

Following in the footsteps of the famous

Famous faces such as Halle Berry who became pregnant for the first time at 41 and Caprice who is expecting twins (one from a surrogate, one born naturally) at the age of 43 are just two celeb mothers who have chosen to become pregnant later on in life, proving you’re never too old to start a family – becoming pregnant in your late thirties and early forties is becoming a new norm.

Being the best mother you can be

From being financially stable to better educated and more focused, the older we get, the wiser we become– just one of many reasons more and more of us are starting families at a later age.

Both life experiences and matured emotional responsibility translate extremely well to motherhood. Such skills make us more prepared to bring children into the world.

Life begins at 50

At a point when most are choosing to settle down, a handful of go-getters are only just beginning their lives. The age of 50 is not only a great time to reinvent yourself –  a number of individuals, including celebrities are proving it’s the perfect time to start a new business, and a family – there are a number of viable options open to women now be it through surrogacy, adoption or hormones to bring women out of menopause.

Today’s generation are younger, stronger and more active – those who choose to stay active will remain fit and healthy long into their later years, which makes them little different to parents 10 or 15 years younger.


For some, starting a family later in life comes as a welcome surprise. A handful of women will often try to conceive for many years, before finally falling pregnant in their 40s. This could be nature’s way of saying the right time is NOW!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.