Bringing Up The Pumpkins


I’ve had a long break away from blogging over the summer, and it was a particularly good break. I like to think that I gave my Little One the best summer ever before she started reception a few weeks ago. She certainly seemed very happy with all the play dates and numerous adventures we had over July and August…

…and what a pleasant surprise September’s been: warm temperatures; dry days and plenty of time in the garden; but it feels bitter sweet as we all know this won’t last forever. The leaves are already turning and the days are becoming ever shorter. Despite the current balmy days, it will all have changed in a month’s time. It will be dark and wetter and generally a lot yuckier.

For me, Halloween has always been the tipping point: the point of no return as we head assuredly towards winter. But the 31st October has always held fond memories for me. Mainly pumpkins. Every year my mother would carve a pumpkin into a wicked smile and place it on the table next to the front door. I used to love how menacing the face became after the candle was lit and glowed from the inside. Sadly, the next morning, the vegetable looked rather deflated and shrunken. There wasn’t as much dressing up back in my day as there is today either, but there were really cool games like bobbing apples and treasure hunts for sweeties. Always sweeties!

Last year, The Little One went on her first Trick or Treat with her cousins around our local area, dressed in a cute red devil outfit (with pitch fork) and an orange bucket. I live in a very family friendly area so the whole community really got into the spirit of things; gangs of small children as zombies, witches and ghouls chaperoned by parents; carved pumpkins that were veritable works of art; cobwebs and ghosts and candles galore. The Little One had such a wonderful time running door to door, shouting ‘trick or treat’ at the first person who answered. She came back with a bucket full of sweets that were promptly placed on the top shelf of kitchen cabinet. They were rationed to one a day!

I do enjoy Halloween. And it isn’t just about the festivities. I find it can be, ironically, quite a warm time of year, and a time for getting rid of the old and tired and welcoming in the new. It also marks the time for a slower pace of living as we head into the dark, and dare I say it, towards Christmas. And when I mentioned it’s a warm time of year, I was meaning the food. This is the time for baked potatoes and sausages and treacle sponge and lots of gingery delights; and did I mention bonfire toffee?

So it won’t be long before I’m pulling out the hats, scarves and gloves again. I’m particularly looking forward to Halloween this year as it falls on a Friday, and The Little One’s daddy will be joining us for Trick or Treating; he works away from home during the week so was unable to join in the fun last year much to his annoyance. This year though, The Little One will be caking his face in paint and making him wear a bed sheet!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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