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meandsydA long time before I was an older mum, I was a young mum. Four weeks after my 23rd birthday I welcomed my daughter to the world, and got on with the business of being a first time parent. If I am honest, she was enough. I didn’t particularly plan on having more children. I had had some serious pregnancy complications which put me off going through it again, and also, like many Mums of one, she was the center of my world, and I couldn’t imagine loving another child as much.

Time changed my mind and I had my second child, a boy, when I was 30. This time around, I had no problems in pregnancy and a natural, and easy by most standards, labour. And with the addition of my much loved Son, my family was complete.

Sadly my marriage ended and shortly after I met my current partner, who is lovely, and who I hope to see out my days with. I had my two children, and he had an adult son, and a grandson. We certainly weren’t going to add to that. We were content with each other, and the children we already had.

Roll forward 18 months or so, and I was lying in bed on a Sunday morning when I felt a strange sensation in my belly. ‘That felt like a baby kicking’ I told him. And then we made some joke about last nights curry or some such, and forgot about it. I was on the mini pill, and hadn’t had a period for nearly two years, but had no reason to suspect that I was pregnant – no sickness, none of the exhaustion that had coloured the early weeks of my first two pregnancies. Then I felt it again. And again. After a few days we had to face the fact that I must be expecting. A trip to the doctors confirmed it, and she guessed I was about 16 weeks from the position of my womb.

It took a little while to get a booking in appointment with a midwife, and when I did see one a couple of weeks later, she examined me and guessed I was about 18 weeks. Luckily they were able to fit me in for a scan there and then to get a more accurate idea. The scan showed I was more like 22 weeks pregnant, and that the baby was very low in my pelvis, which was why I didn’t look pregnant. They were also able to tell me he was a boy.

I will be honest. I had been feeling pretty ambivalent about the pregnancy up until that point. It was unplanned, and not on my to do list, and I was in shock. I had just been talking to my boss about going full time, and a promotion. But once I saw that little boy on the screen I loved him, and from there on in things got easier.

I still had to tell people. My older two were initially dumbfounded, but quickly became excited. My Mum was amazed, she had seen me plenty of times in the lead up to my announcement and had not a clue I was 5 month pregnant. You just couldn’t tell. Yet within a week of me telling people my bump appeared as if by magic. This pregnancy, like my second one, was healthy. I was eventually induced at 13 days overdue and after a very quick, very painful labour, Sydney was born.

So what is it like being an older Mum? Well I had my first at 23, and my last at 38, and I can honestly say there are some advantages to both ages. I am calmer this time, but that may just be this my third child so I know what I am doing a bit more, but it also because I am more mature, but my knees hurt more than they did when I was crawling round the floor in my twenties. I resent missing out on nights out less than I did, but the sleepless nights took more of a toll. I would say that it really isn’t that different, old or young parenthood is a life-changing, life-enhancing, all encompassing experience. Yes, sometimes I would like a day off, but I would never be without a single moment of its bumpy ride.

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3 thoughts on “A Very Rock and Roll Mum

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  2. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    Oh Sonya, what wonderful stories. So glad to get more insight into
    your history. You look nothing like your age and I didn’t know much
    – if anything – about your older two. Congratulations on all three
    children and it’s really good to get such a balanced perspective on
    having them at such different ages. X

  3. Mammasaurus

    I so relate to this Sonya – the different feelings and benefits of
    experiencing childbirth at different ages. I was 20 when I had my
    first and 34 with my last, there’s a real sense of peace as you
    grow older x


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