Home is The Heart.

We moved this year. Did I tell you that already? No? Well we moved this year, back in April; six months of stress, selling our home, buying another, and all that endless paper work. But we made it, and we’ve been in our new home eight months already. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, time passes in the blink of an eye.

And The Little One loves her new home. She has settled in so well. She loves her bedroom, the walls plastered in butterfly and fairy stickers, the garden, and her wooden playhouse, and the living room with it’s long length of laminate flooring – perfect for scootering up and down. I might add that next year we are having building work done on the downstairs; the floor and fireplace ripped up and out, new flooring, new kitchen, a three meter extension at the back…

It’s going to be a big job. And even though Christmas is a week away, I’m already thinking and planning layout and materials and colour. I am going for a clean, classy minimal look. White kitchen and cupboards, a dark flooring. Lots of storage for hiding away toys and games. It will probably mean we will have to vacate our home while the work is being done – I don’t fancy living in rubble or cooking on a camping stove.

A sense of light and space is very important to me. When I view properties I always look for these two qualities. A home should hold warm, positive energy, especially if there are children, so that they may thrive and feel at their very best, happy and loved. The Little One loves the space in our home, lots of canny places for hiding, and plenty of floor space for painting and colouring in the living room. She also loves our Victorian¬†front door. It’s painted red, the colour of passion and power. It’s also a little worn, and will need replacing at some point, probably the same time we have the downstairs rebuilt. What I am after is a good strong solid door. A timber door. One that will keep the drafts out. And the warmth in.

I think a front door is a real statement of the home and who you are. It’s the entrance. The boundary between inner and outer. It is said in Feng Shui that a house’s energy enters through the front door. So a front door that is solid, well cared for is a must for me. But will I keep it red? I don’t know. I really like charcoal grey, I find it a very stylish, confident colour. There’s an intelligence about it.

But if The Little One were to chose the colour, she would say her favourite colour – red.

So 2014 heralds yet more change for my family of three. And I am very thankful for the amazing changes of 2013. A new home. A happy home. We are closer to family. The Little One adores her pre-school, has made so many new friends, is now so close to all her cousins, the same age, and a big reason why we moved to our current location. Home is the heart of it all.

Take a deep breath, here comes another year!

This is a guest post. 

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