A Royal Name

Like many mothers, I was very excited at the birth of Prince George. And I really like his name, very traditional and very royal. I have wondered how Kate and William are getting on – the feeding, the nappies, and the dreaded lack of sleep. I think that is the worst part about having a baby – the sleep. And acute sleep deprivation is no fun at all.  The Little One was a terrible sleeper – I do think my post natal illness may have been a contributing factor – and I eventually ‘sleep coached’ her at fifteen months, until then she was waking up on average two to three, sometimes six times a night. I think my brain was devoid of any cells at that point. So I really hope the Kate and William are getting on okay in that department. I should imagine they have a live-in nanny……

Anyway, I digress.

As any parent-to-be knows, having a baby requires months of planning, from buying new clothes, the pram, mountains of nappies, choosing the nursery furniture and least of all, choosing a name. Before The Little One arrived, I had a few names in mind but the name I eventually chose didn’t arrive in my head until the eleventh hour. I guess the name chose itself, and when I held my baby in my arms for the first time, her name and face matched perfectly.

So readers, I thought you might enjoy this infographic charting the most popular boys’ and girls’ names in England and Wales, compared to the most popular Windsor family names. I love the meanings behind some of these names like ‘home ruler’ for Henry (how very apt) and ‘pearl’ for Margaret. The meaning of The Little One’s name is ‘noble’ which is pretty bang on as she rules my home!


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