Maxi or Midi?

Hasn’t the weather been unbelievably gorgeous the last few weeks eh? I’ve spent most of my time pottering about in the garden, back wards and forwards from the local garden center, adding more plants, more flowers, to the abundance of colour already in bloom. And it just looks wonderful. I love spending time in my garden. Bird song. The wind chime. The sound of my Little One’s laughter when she’s playing in her little house. We recently bought a new outdoor table and chairs, so there has been a lot of alfresco dining, including breakfast.

And after such a, how do put this, awful spring, I just can’t bring myself to complain about the soaring temperatures. Yes, the nights are hot. Yes, we have disturbed sleep. Yes, it takes the Little One ages to get  to sleep. But it’s so worth it for a fat slice of summer.

The Little One said this to me the other day….

“Mummy, I wear lovely summer dresses. Why don’t you?”

She has such a point you know. After giving birth and my waistline toured south, I have avoided dresses like the plague. The last few summers have been spent in jeans and t-shirts combinations.

The last couple of seasons it’s been all about the maxi dress. I think they are great – such an amazing invention for the heat. BUT….. I am only 5′ 3″, a short arse, and I’ve always felt that a maxi dress looks best if you are over 5′ 5″, blessed with long lower limbs.

I need a dress that will flatter my figure, one that looks good with a glass of Pimms in hand! And I have concluded that the midi dress is the one! We still have a good six weeks of summer left, and I have decided to brave it, strike out , and treat myself to some elegant shop midi dresses. We have a few garden parties ahead of us – evening BBQ’s – so I think a midi dress will feel perfect in balmy evening temperatures. And I’ve found a couple which I think will look great, and so reasonably priced….


 I think this will look funky with a little blue cardy and a pair of pumps.


I don’t usually wear read, but I think this is very elegant, again accessorised with a small red cardigan and pair or pumps or slip-ons (I don’t do heals).

I can’t wait to see my Little One’s face light up when she sees her mummy in a lovely dress. I think my husband will be pleased too!

So come on, tell me, are you a maxi or midi kinda girl?

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