Clunk Click and Road Safety

Road Safety

Were you a child of the seventies?

Do you remember the ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ slogan of the Public Information Films on TV, and the Green Cross Code Man?

I remember those campaigns very vividly, they were a counter to the lack of road safety legislation at the time, and they really helped to inform me about staying safe in traffic.

I also remember my mother being very vigilant when we crossed roads.

“Look left, look right, look left again.”

“Can you see or hear any cars?”

“No,” I would reply.

“Then it’s safe to cross over,” my mother would advise.

Now I have a little girl aged three, road and car safety has never been more important. I am not just her mother, I am also her Green Cross Code Lady. As a parent, I have had nightmares about my daughter winding up in a traffic accident, be it car or on the road. As a parent I see danger everywhere, something I took for granted, didn’t even notice, before I had a baby.

With car safety, we have bought every seat first hand, and although it would have saved money, I couldn’t bring myself to penny pinch and buy second hand, I just couldn’t place a price on my child’s safety. So we had a first hand baby seat. A first hand toddler seat. And now we are on the cusp of changing to a booster seat – my girl is growing up so fast. If I or my husband ever had a collision, it is paramount to us that our girl is ‘trussed up’ safely in the back, that she is contained in the most up-to-date technology, so that she received minimum damage ( I am touching my wooden kitchen table as I type this). And to think back in the day, in the 1970’s, that it wasn’t compulsory, there was no legislation for children to wear seat belts – I can clearly remember not wearing one, or taking the belt off and standing, holding onto my parent’s car seat behind – how frightening is that?

The vigilance around road safety my mother taught me, I am now ingraining in The Little One. Before we cross the road we look both ways twice, and listen for on coming cars and bicycles, then we cross the road hand in hand, keeping our attention focused. One day a pensioner noticed the way we were crossing the road and she commended me on how I was teaching my daughter….

“It’s so nice to see a parent teaching their child how to cross the road safely. You just don’t see that nowadays.” 

And the latter part of the comment worried me, are we becoming lax in our attitudes to towards road safety? I hope not. Maybe it’s time to bring back ‘Clunk Click’ or a road safety super hero like the Green Cross Code Man – Stop, Look, Listen and Think. Or better still, bring back the Tufty Club!

How do you manage your child’s safety on the road?

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