Celebrate Mothers Day – Because You’re Worth Every Penny!

There’s never been a better time to be an Older Mum. Advances in health and medicine have given women greater choice on the timing of their children. In fact recent official statistics show that older mothers have played a major role in a record level number of pregnancies not even seen in the post Second World War baby boom years.

The number of women giving birth over 40 has nearly doubled in the last ten years. One in five women is 35 or older when she gives birth.

So what better time to celebrate your worth as an older mum than on Mothers Day this Sunday. Mothers days isn’t just a commercial event. Its a time honoured tradition that honours motherhood and maternal bonds. Its celebrated in many parts of the world over the months of March, April and May. The origins of mothers day can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman festivals. The modern day celebration has its roots in an American holiday created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 to honour one’s mother. Although many countries already had existing celebrations for motherhood many have adopted traditions from the US event such as the giving of gifts.

Mothers Day is an important occasion for you and your family to celebrate and reflect upon the incredible job you do as a mother. Value your worth. And if you are able to remember to take some time out just for yourself.

MoneySupermarket.com really appreciates the work you do. So much so that they asked their life cover team to find out just what mothers are worth monetarily. And what they came up with was this very interesting infographic to show how invaluable you are.

Did you know that the annual financial value of a full- time- stay-at- home-mum is £30,032? And even if you are in full time employment your value is still £20,997!

Older Mums we salute you. You’re brilliant.

Your time is precious. Value it.

Have a great Mothers’ Day,

Love from MoneySupermarket.com

This is a guest editorial brought to you by MoneySupermarket.com

Info Source, Wikipedia.


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