How does an older mum organise her busy schedule?

Becoming a mother always involves more adjustments than anyone could possibly anticipate or imagine, and dramatically alters a woman’s lifestyle. Caring for an infant is an all consuming process and one which requires complete and unceasing attention, especially during the first year.

There is research to show high levels of adjustment to motherhood regardless of age. However, for an older mother, the life changes that occur when her baby is born may present a greater challenge, particularly if the bricks and mortar of her previous life was very established . Perhaps she was very settled in her career. Or perhaps she had enjoyed years of personal freedom to generally do what she pleased. So the demands of a new baby can come as quite a shock in contrast to the life she was accustomed to .

Then again a baby born to an older mother is usually very wanted. There may have been years of focused trying before a successful pregnancy finally occured. Her old life may seem hollow in comparison to the much yearned for prize of being a mum. With many years of life experience under her belt an older mother is often calmer, and more adept in handling the challenges that parenting brings.

As an older mother you may have many strings to your bow and a life full of competing concerns; a career to manage, obligations to exisiting family and a wide network of friends and varied interests. Adding the joys and demands of a new baby to this already hectic mix could seem rather overwhelming.  So – how can you work on managing your time if you’re an older mum dealing with a new child?

One thing you might not have considered is purchasing a new smart phone which could work wonders for your schedule and make just about every aspect of your life more convenient. These days, people manage their lives largely from their mobile smart phones, on which they can email, browse the web, keep their schedules, set reminders, call, text, and perform any number of additional convenient tasks. These phones are literally designed to put our lives in our pockets, and, used correctly, can make many aspects of our daily routines far more efficient – which could allow you to better manage your time to accommodate your new baby! Here are a few great smart phones that you could pick up from O2 on a budget:

• Blackberry 9360 – An affordable option for people who are interested chiefly in functionality, and have no need or desire for touch screens.
• Samsung Galaxy Ace – A very sharp touch screen smart phone, and one of the best combinations of affordable price and advanced features available.
• LG Optimus Net – Another affordable option from LG, with similar capabilities to the two phones listed.

All in all, there are literally hundreds of options out there if you do consider upgrading to a smart mobile phone. Companies like Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, Blackberry, and others are constantly looking to upgrade their products to bring consumers the most advanced features possible, meaning that there is essentially a never-ending stream of options. However, if you are looking to consolidate your life, and would like to do so on a budget, options like those listed above are well worth considering.

This is a guest editorial brought to you by O2

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